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The website has two functions… firstly to offer sample itineraries to selected destinations ALL of which can be adapted to your need and run at a time of your choosing – i.e. ANYTIME, just like it says on the tin!

If you do not find an itinerary or destination then get in touch with me through the contact form – and I will either try and create the tour of your choice or put you in touch with companies running tours to that destination who have availability.

I work only with tour companies I have travelled with or have known and trusted over a number of years. Moreover, because I am able to send them new clients and offer them some marketing I can often offer those itineraries at less than you can buy them direct!

(As of October 2013 I am removing ALL prices as 99% of my customers are looking for an itinerary tailored to their needs) – please email me and I will give an up to date price. All I need to know is when and where you want to go and whether it is for a couple or a number of friends and I will try and create your perfect trip.

Don’t forget the itineraries are samples so if you have particualr species you ‘must see’ or other interests your trip needs to satisfy whether it be sightseeing, other wildlife, culture or what you will, just let me know. If you are a full on lister or want a relaxed or gentle paced trip let me know and that is what I will try and arrange.

Also bear in mind that I can offer some advice on air travel but do not offer a package that includes flights. Flights can be arranged through a number of ‘comparison websites’ and for couples and small groups you will be able to get as good a deal as anyone else. I do not include travel insurance either and strongly urge you to get adequate cover. It is cheap and easy to arrange through a broker or on line – if you take more than one trip a year annual insurance is often cheaper.

I also urge all customers to check for themselves what the visa requirements are for the country they want to visit and to look at what health issues may require vaccination or malaria medication. Both of these requirements differ according to the country you are travelling from as well. (I have arranged trips for people from different countries of Europe the UK, North America, Australia and southern Africa among others.)

To view details of our increasing range of destinations click on that tour in the left-hand column.

If you are interested in booking or want further details please complete our enquiry form.

The second function is to host birding trip reports of my own tours or those of friends… I hope you find them useful. If you have a report (in the form of a PDF) and no one to host it email it to me and I will put it on line. Please do NOT send reports that are already on a website – but send a link to them instead and I WILL link to them from Fatbirder.

Finally feel free to email me ANY travel questions you have – I’m happy to help.

NB I, and many of the tour companies represented here, have many years experience catering for birders with mobility issues and can offer many destinations to suit those who like me are ‘hard of walking’ or even wheelchair users.

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