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Anytime Tours

…was created to offer tailor-made trips to couples and small groups using my extensive world-wide contacts.

In order for people to know the sort of thing on offer the site contains many sample itineraries – but that is just what they are, examples of the destination, duration, timing and so forth for a trip.

They are by no means exhaustive but each of them is a valid tour.

Wherever possible tours use ground operators in the destination country, not only does this keep the cost down it also ensures the best use of your ‘tourist dollar’… money goes directly into the economy of the country you are visiting and thereby encourages eco-tourism and in turn this encourages conservation.

Anytime Tours can create itineraries to fit your needs virtually anywhere that there are birds. The sample itineraries shown are offered by tried or trusted partners – either they known to me for a long time or I have myself birded with them, this way I am reassured that our customers will be treated well and that all ground arrangments will be smooth. (If I have not been associated with them for many years I say so!) Some companies are known to me only through Fatbirder but I have had feedback from their customers.

I have travelled to many of the destinations myself and am happy to offer what advice I can but do not pretend to be an expert – excepting that I have built up a lot of experience in disabled travelled and am happy to offer sound advice in that field based on my experiences.

Birders Travel

I set up Birders Travel to enable birders to compare the many tour operators and birding trip itineraries. This developed over a number of years until I decided to run it down and launch a new website listing tour companies and individual guides:


Wildlife And Nature Destinations is a relatively new site where you will find many tour companies and independent guides.. check it out its HERE free and easy to use.

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