Checklists & Hitlists

Create your target lists here!

When you visit new places do you like to plan the visit and target certain species? If so this new (coming soon) service is for you! Here you will be able to upload your life list, select a checklist and then generate a hit list! Your checklist will be highlighted in such a way that you will be able to see which birds you’ve seen already and what birds you might be able to add to your world life list!

Q: What’s a hit list?

A: Its a list of species that you have never seen before, that are avaiable in the area you are visiting.

Q: How can I create such lists?

A: The first step is to upload your life list so the system will know what you have already seen.

Q: Then what?

A: The next step is to choose a checklist for the area you are visiting.

Q: I get it, what happens next?

A: You press ‘go’ and the birds you’ve already seen will be highlighted on the checklist – the ones left are your target species – the ‘Hit List’ is ready!


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