Tour Enquiries

Tour Enquiries & Bookings

Remember the itineraries shown are examples – we will tailor them to your exact needs.

Remember too that they are sample destinations not a comprehensive list so ask me to organise a tour and, if I have a good ground agent there I will do my best to get an itinerary created for you.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions about the tours we offer…

It would help if you give your name(s), the number of people in the group (we cater for as few as 1 person), a contact telephone number and email address and the destinations you are interested in.

Some indication of the time you wish to travel helps too.

It also helps if we know from the outset if you have any special needs – we do regularly help disabled birders to take birding tours as well as all our able-bodied clients.

The quickest way is to contact me with all the details.

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