Birding Ecotours Anytime

Welcome to Birding Ecotours Anytime, a site brought to you by Birding Ecotours, in consultation with Fatbirder‘s Anytime Tours and the dozens of professional and local birding guides they work with.

This is a site where you can get the help you need to put together the trip of your dreams, whether its by joining one of our set tours, our customised tours or a DIY tour with the anxiety and hassle taken out!

What is Birding Ecotours Anytime all about?

Birding Ecotours Anytime is a site by Birding Ecotours in consultation with Fatbirder‘s Anytime Tours

This is Birding Ecotours arranging tours for clients who prefer to be independent but need reliable guides, safe accommodation and other secure arrangements. So you can compare, we offer our normal range of scheduled tours HERE, and customised ones HERE.

We are excited to offer this new service, not least because its a win win win! Firstly, you will get a less expensive tour yet knowing it will have good guides and accommodation etc. Secondly, we benefit from our commission. Thirdly local communities and the experienced and reliable local birding guides will be earning a living, which has been awfully hard for them during the pandemic.

We’ve heard some tales of dodgy operators refusing to sort out problems, of unreliable guides just not turning up or lacking knowledge and even hotels denying that accommodation has been booked! We are here to make sure that doesn’t ruin your trip. We bring to bear nearly twenty years of experience working with good hotels and lodges, expert guides and dependable drivers who can get you to see the birds you most want to. Moreover, we can handle all the financial transactions for you too!

For DIY tours with the anxiety and hassle taken out, please use these pages to decide on your destination and timing by looking at our destination pages and trip reports and then ask us HERE to put a trip together for you.

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